Cyber Bullying and Facebook – Week 3


Within this new age of technology, social media has boomed as a major form of communication for many teenagers. The common issue of cyber bullying is the increasing concern of the negative implications associated with this type of digital activity. It is defined by Shelly, Gunter & Gunter as the “posting or sending of detrimental or cruel text or images using the internet or other digital devices” (2012, p. 434).

This is the first generation that has been exposed to such technology since birth. Today’s teenagers are highly familiar with the technology, but this it does not mean they are capable of understanding security and well-being risks associated with their online activity. Many fall victims to cyber bullying as a result of their own ignorance from over sharing personal information and images and many are victims of people who seek pleasure in abusing others through the faceless acts of communication through a technological device.

Parental control within Facebook as a security control is important, but also limited as many teenagers are exposed to inappropriate images, videos, or texts whether they are able to contextualize it or not. As educators we need to have a firm grasp of the main mediums used as a vehicle for  cyber bullying. Within these, Facebook is notorious for its ability to over share information within minimal time and has few controls in relation to the censoring of material.

  • Shelly, G., Gunter, G., Gunter, R. (2012). Teachers Discovering Computers: Integrating Technology in a Connected World (7th ed.). Boston, USA: Course Technology, Cengage Learning.

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