The Digital Divide – Week 4



Many Australian’s live each day using technology without consciously thinking of the accessibility it has created for us. It seems almost impossible to imagine life without the latest digital technology now that it has become an integral part of our lives. However for the groups of Australian’s without access to this technology there is a divide that causes disadvantage.

This ‘digital divide’ within our country affects socially disadvantaged communities who are unable to afford internet access due to low income, rural communities with lack of resources and low communication accessibility, the disabled community and the older generations. These often isolated and  marginalised groups of people would benefit greatly from access to the internet, yet we have managed to leave them behind and create this huge divide that is likely to continue.

O’Leary (2012) states that 4 million Australian’s are not online he continues to provide evidence from a study by Swinburne University in 2011 claiming that “Indigenous households are 76% less likely to have access to the internet than non-Indigenous metropolitan households”. It is most concerning to know that disabled and elderly households without accessibility to the internet lack opportunities to be independent. For example tasks such as shopping online and easy access to medical information or support services is not available to them. It is ironic that the majority of Australians are able to reach people in all corners of the world but disadvantaged groups are often unable to reach people within our own country.

My digital poster above clearly and simply states the debilitating implementations this divide can cause.



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