Hypertext Pros and Cons – Week 5


What is a Hypertext?

A Hypertext is a text that has a linked URL reference, providing further information. It can be a hyperlink to not only other websites but also to images and videos on another webpage. The hypertext is accessed through clicking on the link and will immediately open the page providing further detail. Blogs, social media, academic websites are strongly associated with the works of hypertext’s.



  •   Hypertext’s enable ready and easily accessible information with little browsing needed.
  • New information beyond the person’s expertise can be linked such as reference to statistics or professional photos of an event.
  • It allows freedom of speech by enabling anyone to have access and opinion on an already discussed topic within the web.


  • Hypertext’s can present misleading information. For example if an image is linked to a text containing an opinion on a politically controversial event, the selective hyperlink could have no actual relevance or a negative bias.  Uneducated or personal viewpoints can create issues if taken out of context or perceived as factual.
  • Frequently, no credibility for the original author can be seen. Only a segment from previous works, with no background information is immediately linked. The credibility can only be seen if an individual browses further than the hypertext.
  • Information may be unreliable.



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