Scratch Video Animation – Week 6


This is the scratch clip I have created.

The experience was extremely easy and entertaining! I would certainly use this as an assignment tool for students if they were able to access to the necessary resources.

It would be essential  that the process was fully explained to students before allowing them to go ahead themselves. With a clean and structured  outline for students to create a script and animation this is an excellent use of technology to engage learners. Some students may also uncover a passion for these types of mediums. It is extremely important to provide our students with diverse opportunities to assist them discover  more about their talents within the classroom.

This YouTube video link by Bob AmpliVox is an excellent summary of how exciting programs like this are for students. They present an  exciting opportunity of exploration for the students. Shelly, Gunter and Gunter (2012) assert that we as educators of the new generation of online based learning, as daunting as it can be incorporating so many new web resources; it is crucial that we familiarize ourselves with the technology before handing it over to our students (pp.299).  As with any subject, you must become the expert in order to teach it simply.


  • Bob AmpliVox. (2011, October 31). Top 10 Reasons to Use Technology in Education: Ipad, Tablet…[Video File]. Retrieved from:


  •  Shelly, G., Gunter, G., Gunter, R. (2012). Teachers Discovering Computers Intergrating Technology in a Connected World. (7th ed.). Boston, USA: Course Technology, Cengage Learning.

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