Peer Feedback Response


After receiving my peer feedback rubrics, I enjoyed reading the feedback from my peers comparing my blog to theirs and also the marking criteria. Some really helpful feedback was provided acknowledging my efforts to create a visual page. The constructive criticism assisted me to achieve the best mark possible for this assessment.

The only flaw I found with one of my reviews was a comment that there was no evidence of my digital poster, however it is clearly stated in the entry that the picture above is my devised poster. This reflected a lack of reading whilst viewing my blog by one of my peers; however it allowed me to make sure I did not make the same mistake when marking theirs!

I had decided to make a few changes after reading my feedback, I made sure that the programs and objectives required of the weekly modules were more visible for blog readers to see.

Peer feedback is a positive contribution to this assignment as it allowed me to be aware of my strengths and weaknesses  before submission.